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Living with Longevity – July 2024

By: Brad Hankins This month we will begin exploring the three primary fitness practices which together make the foundation of fitness.  The practices are cardio/aerobic exercise, resistance (weight) training and […]

Living with Longevity – June 2024

By: Brad Hankins For a lot of us discipline has been both our friend and nemesis for decades. We could not have successfully raised families, enjoyed lifetime relationships, or built […]

Living with Longevity – May 2024

By: Brad Hankins As I write this—at near 70 years of age—a 60-year-old man can expect to live to age 81. A 60-year-old female to 84.  That’s according to the […]

Holidays Around the World

By Lesli Baker Happy Holidays! There are many Holidays this time of year! I thought that I might share a few with you, as each of our valuable YMCA members […]