Swim Lessons Guidelines – South Sound YMCA

Swim Lessons Guidelines




Swim lessons are available at the Briggs YMCA. To keep our members and staff safe, we have modified our classes to facilitate safe physical and social distancing practices. Registration is required prior to coming to class.



  • Swim Lesson registrations will only be available to Facility Members with a Family 1 or 2 Membership.
  • Registration for swim lessons will open 2 weeks prior to the first day of the session.
  • To limit capacity, we ask that only 1 parent/guardian join their swimmer on pool deck, as an escort.
  • If you’re unsure of what class to sign up for, please use our Level Selector.

For swim lesson schedule and registration click below.


  • One Way Traffic
    To facilitate distancing around pool deck, we have marked the “flow of traffic” as participants and spectators enter pool deck. Please be sure to follow these arrows as you navigate around the pool(s).
  • Limited Capacity
    To provide adequate physical distancing you’ll notice that our swim lesson instructor to student ratio has been reduced. This change will help to allow both our instructors and Lifeguard keep an eye on your kiddo while in the water; additionally, this limit provides a safe physical distancing of each participant around pool deck.
  • Lesson Groups
    Upon arrival to pool deck, your participant will be provided a group labeled by different colored signs on cones (red, yellow, blue, green). When provided their group, please have your swimmer walk around pool deck as directed and sit next to an individually marked cone of their groups color. These cone have been spaced apart to keep each of our participants at a safe distance from each other.
  • Spectators
    Spectators on pool deck should plan to physically distance themselves around pool deck, 6 feet apart from each other. To assist in this distancing, we have limited the number of seats available and spread them around the sides of the pool.


  • Based upon level curriculum and instructor discretion, swim lesson equipment may be used during each lesson.
  • Instructors will oversee sanitization of equipment before and after each lesson.


Throughout your swim lesson please follow our posted pool rules & safety procedures and practice social distancing.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Please respect Lifeguard instructions and follow directions given by Y staff.
  • Face Shields – For safety, YMCA Swim Instructors will wear face shields before, during, and after the swim lesson. While in the water masks are optional, but not required.
  • Sanitizing – Y staff will be sanitizing pool deck areas and equipment before and after each class.