Aquatics Guidelines - South Sound YMCA

Aquatics Guidelines


Help us keep the pool safe for everyone! Please follow the rules below when using our aquatics facilities:

  • No running, horseplay, pushing, or dunking allowed in or around the pool
  • Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed in the pool area
  • No food, drinks, glass, or gum allowed in the pool area
  • No one may swim unless a lifeguard is present
  • Individuals with a communicable disease or who have been ill with vomiting or diarrhea in the last two weeks are not permitted in the pool
  • Anyone with a heart condition, seizures, or circulatory problems should swim with a buddy
  • Do not swallow pool water
  • Anyone wearing a diaper must wear a protective covering while using the pool
  • Use locker rooms for changing diapers
  • Open wounds and band-aids are not allowed in the pool. see lifeguard for first aid
  • Refusal to follow lifeguard instructions will result in removal from the pool area
  • In case of an emergency, dial 911


  • Children must be directly supervised at all times by a parent or guardian
  • All diapers must have a tight-fitting cover (plastic pants) as needed for incontinence and must be changed at designated diaper changing stations
  • Swimmers must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool
  • Remove all street shoes before entering the pool deck
  • The Y is not responsible for personal property that has been lost, damaged or stolen – please store your belongings in a locker
  • Photography or video recording is strictly prohibited in locker rooms.
  • Food, drink, and glass are prohibited in the locker rooms and pool deck – plastic water bottles are permitted



As of November 10, 2021, we no longer require members and guests to make a reservation to swim at any of our facilities.

  • Non-members must purchase a Guest Pass to participate in any of our aquatic programs.

Youth Swim Lessons
$49/Family Membership | $85/Youth & Program Member

Parent-Tot Swim Lessons
$49/Family Membership | $85/Youth & Program Member

Private and Adult Swim Lessons
$69/Facility Membership | $122/Youth & Program Member

Yes, as of June 14, 2021, lockers are available.

  • Lockers are for day use only; no rentals or overnight use will be allowed
  • As of July 5th, 2021 locks will be available at all branches for guests to secure their valuables
  • Plastic bins are available on the pool deck for guests to store their belongings during pool use

Yes, as of July 5, 2021, all showers are available for guest use.

Yes, the Briggs hot tub will reopen on April 4th.

Yes, as of July 5, 2021, saunas will be available in the men's and women's locker rooms. There is a max capacity of one person OR members of the same household at this time. Please limit sauna sessions to 15 minutes.