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Youth Programs

Supporting youth in our community


At the Y, we provide more than a place to go before and after school. We provide nurturing development, healthy lifestyle choices, self-reliance through positive relationships, and value-based learning.

Ensuring a community that’s safe for our kids is our commitment. Families place their trust in the Y to help their children and youth thrive. Our core values (caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility) are at the heart of everything we do. Because of this, we place great value on ensuring a safe environment.


Shelton Family YMCA | Every first Friday | 5PM-8PM | School ID required to enter

At teen night you can hang at the Y however you want – for FREE! The Shelton Family YMCA will be open for teens (7–12 grade) to get active, spend time together, play basketball, swim, and more! 


Remember being a teenager where you could run around, swim, and climb to your hearts content? Do you have a teenager at home that has been missing out on those same moments? Join us for our Teen Night where your teens will be able to Swim, Rock climb, play basketball or enjoy a gaming tournament just like the good old days.


Whether your kids are looking to extend the fun at the Y or you want to enjoy a night out, the Kids Night Out is the perfect way to give yourself some TLC while your kids play and learn alongside their peers.

Rest easy knowing that your children are engaged in activities such as arts and crafts, group games or active play in a safe, trusted place instead of home with a babysitter. A balanced dinner is provided for ages three and up.

So go ahead and RSVP to that girls’ night, queue up your Netflix show or make a reservation at that restaurant you love.