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Executive Director Jake Grater 360-918-0305
Sr. Director of Membership & Aquatics Aubree Fudge 360-918-0304
Program Director – Aquatics Bryan Irion 360-918-0309
Aquatics Coordinator Jackie Barratt 360-918-0333
Membership Coordinator 360-918-0312
Membership Coordinator Clara Robbins 360-918-0317
Sr. Director of Programming Michelle Gipson 360-918-0337
Program Director – Programming Jennifer Veitch 360-918-0314
Sr. Director Facilities Teka Torrez 360-918-0315
Facilities Coordinator Chris Gardipee 360-918-0329



Executive Director Patrick Costelo 360-918-0410
Sr. Director of Child Care Brenda Banning 360-918-0403
School Age Child Care Program Director Joey Velazquez 360-918-0406
School Age Child Care Program Director Kacey Kimmel 360-918-0412
School Age Child Care Program Director Cameron Parker 360-918-0408
School Age Child Care Program Director Sarah Tromble 360-918-0404
School Age Child Care Program Director Rose Massey 360-918-0409
Child Care Support Specialist Andrew Murrow 360-918-0397
Child Care Support Specialist Jamie Roden 360-918-0400
Sr. Director of Youth & Teen Programs Rob Knowles 360-918-0407
Youth Sports Coordinator Sara Rocha 360-918-0401
Youth Programs Coordinator 360-918-0411 



President/Chief Executive Officer Kyle Cronk 360-918-0311
Chief Financial Officer Colleen Oczkewicz 360-918-0316
Human Resources Director Robbi Near 360-918-0310
Human Resources Assistant Bianca Ybarra 360-918-0326
Payroll Specialist Deanna Annan 360-918-0325
Association Trainer Sabine Meuse 360-918-0331
Staff Accountant Noune Sam 360-918-0331
Accounts Payable Mariah Holborn 360-918-0320
Accounts Receivable – Y Care Yi-Ting Liu 360-918-0322
Membership Billing – Membership/Other Programs Julie Saeger 360-918-0321
Executive Director of Advancement Sarah Clinton 360-918-0402
Association Administrative Assistant Rebekah Snyder 360-918-0324
Marketing & Communications Specialist Dania Tolentino 360-918-0319
System Administrator Scott Sesin 360-918-0323

Contact Us