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Juneteenth is a day to celebrate the freedom of all Americans AND recognize that, for many, freedom is still not a reality. It remains something to fight for – and until all of us are free, none of us truly are. If you are not familiar with Juneteenth, we encourage you to educate yourself about this holiday and explore how you can promote healing and be an advocate for freedom in our community. This article from the National Museum of African American History & Culture explains the holiday and why it is celebrated.

Our YMCA is on a continuous journey to ground our policies and practices in equity and consider the diverse cultural perspectives of our staff and greater community. By observing Juneteenth, we are taking one step in this direction.

In observing, all South Sound YMCA facilities will be closed on Sunday, June 19. We welcome you to explore and study the significance of the holiday as we come together and realize our full potential as a nation – justice and equity for all!

Protein – you absolutely need it in your diet. You need to have it in sufficient quantities, and if you are over 40, you need to be consuming it in sufficient quantities at EVERY meal.

In this video, YMCA trainer Steve Messman explains how our bodies use protein as we age, and shows a recipe that you can try to (deliciously) get your protein at breakfast.

In the final installment of his “Active Grandparent Hypothesis” video series, trainer Steve Messman highlights the work of another one of his clients. At 78 years old, Ron is keeping active to hike, remain stable, and have more stamina. With clients of his ranging from 65 to 82, he’s seen first-hand the progress anyone can make with just a little hard work.

“Many of my customers have come to me exclaiming how they can suddenly feel real muscles in their legs,” Steve says in the video. “You can definitely get stronger… It takes work. It takes sweat. It takes dedication.”

By taking Steve’s advice our bodies can remain strong and agile well into our golden years!

We all know that staying fit and exercising is important. We also know that staying motivated to work out on a regular basis can be hard. That’s why finding a good workout friend is one of the smartest fitness moves you can make. Working out with a friend can give you:

When you work out by yourself, it’s easy to lose motivation. A buddy will support you and cheer you on to help you reach your fitness goals.

It’s easy to bail on your own workout. But it’s much harder to ditch a workout when you know you’re going to be letting someone else down. Having a reliable workout friend will help you stick to your goals.

As humans, we like to be competitive—even if it’s simply good, friendly competition among friends. A friend will challenge and push you to do more than you might do alone.

Working out can be boring, especially during long cardio sessions. Having a friend to talk with while working out will make the time go by faster.

The Y is a special place for friends old and new. Friends who help you stay motivated, feel supported, and amplify the fun.

When you share the Y with your circle of friends and they join, you can earn: $50 Y credit!
And your friend will enjoy: Access to all 3 local Y facilities and a new workout friend!

To receive the $50 credit, a referral card will need to be completed in house at one of our three South Sound YMCA branch locations between April 1-April 30. Once joining fee is paid on the new membership, it may take up to 3 business days for the credit to appear on the current member’s account. Credit may be used for membership dues or program registration.

Exercise late in life can help you live longer

Steve Messman, one of our YMCA personal trainers, has always said in many of his videos and to all of his personal training clients: “It doesn’t make any difference how old we are. It doesn’t make any difference what condition we are in. We can all start somewhere, and we can all get stronger.” The Active Grandparent Hypothesis bears that out. We human beings were made to be active. We were made to be active well into our old age. We need to be as active as possible in order to live longer and healthier lives.

Judy is 80 years old. But guess what! She is definitely not ready to quit. Judy knows that a person can be active at any age; a person can be healthy at any age. Exercise, regardless of what you are able to do, is essential to a person’s well-being.  Don’t be ashamed that you can’t do twenty pushups or a half dozen pullups.  Just know that the best thing you can do is to be consistent in your efforts to get out there and try. Work within your capabilities. Do what you can. Before long, “what you can” becomes more, longer, farther, easier. Judy is living proof. We should all be following her perfect example.

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