Instructor Spotlight: Matsimela Ajani - South Sound YMCA

Instructor Spotlight: Matsimela Ajani

Our Personal Trainer Matsimela Ajani is a weight room floor fixture at our Plum Street location. Our Health and Well-Being Director Lesli Baker asked Matsimela to share a bit about himself and about why he loves working at, AND working OUT at, the Y!

“My name is Matsimela Ajani, I am a certified Personal Trainer, spanning over a period of about 13 years in Washington DC and Washington State. I love how being fit and healthy can truly transform a person not just physically but also mentally. Whether it’s “general population clients with goals to improve their daily lives, or competitors looking to optimize their performance, I will wholeheartedly put my best efforts towards working with you. I love being a Personal Trainer at the YMCA because you get to see a full spectrum of clientele, varying in age and abilities. If you’re looking for an experienced, and very passionate PT, I’m your man. If you have a fitness related question feel free to ask, you’ll probably see me on the gym floor chasing that pump, because Fitness is Life.”