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Living with Longevity – June 2024

By: Brad Hankins

For a lot of us discipline has been both our friend and nemesis for decades. We could not have successfully raised families, enjoyed lifetime relationships, or built sound finances without discipline.  However, to get us there we first used willpower, not unlike kindling to a campfire.  Longevity, with a high quality of health and life, is willpower fueled discipline, but not necessarily the willpower/discipline combination we knew when we were younger.

Later life discipline is an act of exploration and experience.  There are hobbies, sports and challenging adventures we want to experience, but never had the time.  There are places we want to visit, perhaps since childhood.  We have new things to do and see and the simple desire to explore and experience can blossom into a love of the new and unknown.  This desire to fully experience the gift of longevity is sustained by exercise induced good health, which helps us both physically and emotionally.

Woody Allan reminds us that 90 percent of life is showing up. Exercise is the same.  Only twenty percent of Americans have a gym membership, according to, while just 20 percent of that 20 percent make it to the gym at least three times per week. This means only five percent of Americans go to a gym on a beneficially regular basis. Five percent is a pretty elite group.

Many among these active five percenters have benefited greatly from discipline, willpower, and patience. Patience both with themselves and the fitness process, a formula proven to work with time. However, they first used their will power to focus inward and slowly fuel their discipline infused exercise journey.

Using willpower and discipline you may find many skills and talents—accrued over your lifetime—will reappear making life, and new experiences, once again seem limitless.

I would enjoy hearing about the success and challenges you find along your fitness journey.  Please feel free to email them, along with any questions, to me at


Brad Hankins RN, CPT