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Resistance Tubes For The Home Exerciser

By Steve Messman, YMCA Personal Trainer

The COVID pandemic has created a lot of change, to be sure. Some of that change is for the better, other changes, though, not so much. There is one thing I can say for sure. If you have tried to buy exercise equipment lately, a ton of it is sold out. One of the changes COVID brought about is the need to exercise at home. A lot of people are doing it. Some folks have spent a lot of money, though, on equipment they might not need.

I am a huge proponent of resistance training. Resistance training has huge benefits that range from building muscle (At our age if you aren’t building muscle you are losing it.), to improving bone density, to improving your cardiovascular function, to helping your immune system. If you want a great resistance-type workout at home, all you really need is a set of resistance tubes. They are, for the most part, available at any sporting goods store, the sport section in a store like Walmart or Fred Meyers, or even Amazon. They take up practically no space in your house (They fit in a drawer with your socks.), and they are relatively inexpensive.

Watch the video. See for yourself. Then try some out for a week. I’m sure you will be sold. Remember to always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program and, of course, stop immediately if you feel pain are not feeling well.