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Stand Against Racism

It’s difficult to believe that racism still exist in our communities.

While this is an uncomfortable truth, it also gives us the opportunity to do more, be better, and affect change. This, of course, starts with education and awareness. Turning a blind eye or being silent is a part of the problem that further perpetuates these issues. To help you take a more active stand against racism and discrimination, we’ve curated a list of helpful anti-racism resources. Take a look below.



Invest: Personally, invest in local communities of color including people of color run non-profits, business, and grassroots organizations.

Act: Continue your learning journey past the current situation, don’t let this be a one-time instance. Join a local anti-racist community or grassroots organization to continue your learning, respond to instances of injustice in your local community, and stay involved in local politics.

Sustain: Don’t stop the conversation after media stops covering instances of racism – talk to your friends and family about race, even if they are uncomfortable. Encourage open mindedness, transparency and practice Listen First skills in these important discussions.

Here are some useful resources to support your learning:

  • Take Harvard’s Implicit Association Test to assess where you are at in your anti-racist journey and begin taking courses around diversity, inclusion, and equity. This can include personal learning (books, movies, podcasts, etc.)

  • Learn the terms to improve your knowledge and usage of terms relating to advancing equity.

  • Support Black, Indigenous, and POC Owned Businesses

Zero Apologies: Droppin' Truths

Featuring Board Trustee, Dr. Sarah Lloyd and President & CEO, Kyle Cronk

The Zero Apologies: Droppin’ Truths podcast is about creating a space to allow for difficult and otherwise uncomfortable conversations that will inspire those who listen to bring about change through meaningful action.
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a safe place for all

A message from YMCA Leadership

Everyone is welcome.

This simple statement is the backbone behind the work we do at the YMCA. And, while it’s easy to say – we recognize that being here for ALL people is a challenging standard to achieve. Today, communities across our country are falling woefully short. Beyond feeling welcome, many Black people do not feel safe. They don’t feel safe while they’re out for a run, they don’t feel safe at the park, and they don’t feel safe in their own home.

We must do better.

The Black community faces over 400 years of systemic and institutionalized racism. Racism of this kind can no longer be ignored. We as an organization and community need to understand that to be silent about violence and injustice to the lives and wellbeing of Black people is to be complicit in the violence and injustice this country was built on.
Despite the current pandemic, thousands of people across the nation are demanding justice for George Floyd, who is the latest in a long list of Black people murdered and stolen from their future. Some of those names we know – Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown – most we don’t.
To our Black siblings, friends, colleagues, and neighbors…We see you, we care about you, and we are here for you.

We must do more.

Discussions of race, racism, social justice, equity and inclusion can be intimidating, challenging and imperfect. Harder still is changing long-standing practices, beliefs and policies that perpetuate the structure of racism.
For stronger more humane communities we must face this challenge and engage with our hearts, our minds, and our actions. Without focused attention, our communities and children will suffer.

It’s up to us.

As an institution founded to strengthen communities – our YMCA is committed to redoubling our efforts to confront institutional racism and increase our efforts for social justice. Our Y will listen more, learn more, speak out more to help our community heal, and confront the injustices of institutional racism. Together we will work diligently to create a greater space that represents and welcomes everyone.