The Word Can't - South Sound YMCA

The Word Can’t

By Steve Messman, YMCA Personal Trainer

I can’t. Those two words are all that it takes to build the tallest, the biggest, the most impregnable barrier to success the world has ever seen.  Even experts have a great deal of difficulty getting past the power of “I CAN’T.” But really, all one needs to do is redefine the words.  Most people define “I CAN’T” as the place to end their quest.  Tried to. I CAN’T, so I quit. That’s absolutely the incorrect definition. “I CAN’T” should never be the place to end.  It should instead be the place to begin. Tried to. I didn’t, but I WILL. Listen to this short presentation on the power of I CAN’T. Before long, you, too, will be saying, “I WILL.”

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