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What is Meatless Monday?

By Lesli Baker and Bryan Irion

Happy Healthy New Year! Have you ever heard of the “Meatless Monday” Movement? Meatless Monday is a global movement that encourages people to reduce meat in their diet for their health and the health of the planet. The campaign was started in 2003 by Sid Lerner, the Founder of The Monday Campaigns, in association with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future.  

Eating less meat and more healthy plant-based foods can help reduce the incidence of chronic preventable diseases, preserve precious land and water resources, and combat climate change. 

Meatless Monday’s simple message to “skip meat once a week” works because it provides a regular cue to take action on Monday, which research shows is the day people are most open to making positive changes. Starting each week practicing Meatless Monday can lead people to eat more fruits, vegetables, and plant-based meals throughout the rest of the week. 

Our Membership Director Bryan Irion gave Meatless Mondays a try in 2022 and has plans for the New Year to do it again! We thought we should share his experience, and perhaps you would like to join Bryan in this healthy Meatless Monday endeavor! 

From Bryan 

I had a close friend who told me in February 2022 that they participated in “Meatless Monday’s” and was raving about the results. I decided to join in and began a 12-week journey of Meatless Mondays! I am probably like you and love meat (I still do). But I wanted to do something meaningful and open myself up to something that has many benefits. My goal is start “Meatless Monday’s” again in January 2023. Join me!

What is Meatless Monday?

Meatless Monday is a very basic concept that can not only help your own health benefits but also the health of our planet! The concept is simple – no eating meat on Mondays!

Why Mondays?

For me – Monday is an opportunity for a fresh start to a new week. During my 12-week Meatless Mondays I felt energized and prepared knowing that I was accomplishing something! It kickstarted my week. To me, having a productive Monday = a great chance to have a productive week! By week 3 I enjoyed and embraced my Sunday night routine of preparing for my meatless Mondays!

Why Meatless?

Meatless Monday can make a big difference for your health and the health of our planet. Replacing meat with plant-based choices each Monday can offer many health benefits and help you act against climate change by reducing your carbon footprint and conserving precious environmental resources.

My favorites Monday eats:

Breakfast –

  • Oatmeal with Mixed Nuts, Berries, & Brown Sugar
  • Scrambled eggs with fried diced white sweet potatoes, spinach, and feta cheese

Lunch –

  • Mixed greens salad with radishes, hard boiled eggs, crunchy onions, spicy ranch
  • Tuna Sandwich with pickles and siracha on flatbread

Dinner –

  • Black Bean Burger with Roasted Veggies
  • Riced Cauliflower bowl with veggies & avocado
  • Quinoa & Brown Rice Tacos
  • Cauliflower patty (delicious – found at safeway) with waffled sweet potato fries

Top Benefits for me:

  • Weight Loss – 8 pounds in 12 weeks!
  • Energy Levels were way up! Improved workout routine.
  • Saved Money! Meat is expensive!
  • Gave me overall confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try something new