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YMCA 30 Under 30

Congratulations Aubree!

On behalf of the staff team and board of directors of the Sound Sound YMCA and YMCA of the USA, we are happy to announce that Aubree Fudge, South Sound YMCA Senior Director of Branch Operations, has been selected from 220 nominees representing more than 70 Y associations for the third Annual 30 Under 30 Class honored by the Emerging Leaders Resource Network.

In the summer of 2017, the National Emerging Leaders Resource Network Steering Committee embarked upon a strategic planning process. Through research, they identified a substantial imbalance between the proportion of Millennials as it relates to the total workforce in the USA and the percentage of Millennials who make up the YMCA workforce. In other words, the YMCA workforce is aging as the rest of the country’s workforce is getting younger. After conversations with their stakeholders, they determined the need to create a recognition program for emerging leaders across the Movement. This program seeks to identify and formally acknowledge 30 full-time YMCA leaders under the age of 30 for their accomplishments and recognize their potential to lead our many Y Associations in the coming decades.

2020 was a year unlike any other across the nation and throughout the YMCA Movement. Leaders from all over have committed to doing what it takes to ensure their community has the support they need to stay strong through this trying time. Because of this, the National Emerging Leaders Resource Network Steering Committee felt it was imperative to continue to recognize the work of our under 30 colleagues working beside us each day.


Aubree demonstrates leadership far beyond her years and has contributed incalculable good to our community and Association. She is a force for diversity and inclusion, is a highly talented operator, and a very effective mentor/supervisor.
Aubree has entered a new community (Shelton, WA) with just a few months’ notice and done nothing short of galvanizing grass-roots community support around what will eventually be a game-changing YMCA in a community with one of the biggest needs in the state. Aubree’s skills have also enabled her to do all of this while keeping a strong focus on diversity and inclusion – working hard to ensure we are identifying and serving all of the communities that need the Y.

Aubree is the quintessential ‘go-to’ person on our Branch Team, as well as the Association. She has managed to keep our new branch opening – including the creating of an entirely new advisory board – in the midst of the global pandemic. Aubree provides solid, grounded leadership and role model for our entire Association.

“I’ve been working with the Y for just about eight years now. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband. We both love working out, going for walks, and playing fetch with our pup.”