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YMCA Community Café: Building Healthy Community

Community Cafés bring together those who are 55+ to build health in spirit, mind, and body so that we thrive with greater purpose, connection, and well-being.

Older Woman smilingEach café is an hour-long Zoom call starting with a large group time of welcome. The next 15 minutes is spent with an expert talking about the designated subject for the day, followed by a 20-minute reflective dialogue in small groups about the subject. Everyone is invited to listen and contribute as they feel comfortable. The large group gathers back the last 5 minutes for a note of encouragement.

Building Healthy Community

Come discover the power of a healthy community that can support you personally as well as bring greater harmony to society. Learn the keys to building your own safety net of support. Learn ways to be a bridge within our family, among your friends or divisive society. This series will strengthen the health of our community and give us greater peace of mind individually.

Personal Safety Net: Building your Support

Cultivating a community, a safety net, is key to our health and resilience during challenging times. Create a plan for when life throws you a curve ball.

  • Building Your Safety Net: July 27, 2021
    Who is or could be your safety net – your team? In what areas in life do you need support now or in the future. How do you ask? Who needs you to be on their team?
  • Be There for Others:  August 3, 2021
    What do you like to do for others? When are you available? Can you take care of yourself by saying no as well as yes?
  • Chair Yoga:  August 10, 2021
    Summer days call for making summer memories. Let’s make memories at Community Café to experience self-care through chair yoga. Join us for a mini–Chair Yoga Retreat with Deborah Birrane. Come learn all you can do to care for your body from your chair – you will be amazed!