Youth Experiences in May - South Sound YMCA

Youth Experiences in May

Join us to experience new youth programs every month!

Monthly registration is required. All programs are $10/month/class for members, and $40/month/class for non-members.



Art Club

  • We will be working with all different kinds of mediums and will have alternative activities for kids to engage with. This is an opportunity to allow the creativity to shine through guided activities and direct feedback and instruction! The kids will have the chance to keep their creation or allow it to be displayed in the facility.
  • Wednesdays at 10am | Ages 3-5 | Briggs
  • Tuesdays at 4pm | Ages 5-9 | Briggs

Art & Science Camp

  • Unleash your child’s creativity and curiosity with our art & science class! Through hands-on experiments, projects, and explorations, your child will learn to observe, hypothesize, and experiment while expressing their creativity through art.
  • Fridays at 4pm | Ages 5 – 10 | Shelton


  • Learn a ballet excerpt from a famous ballet! In this class you will be learning beginner ballet moves and body positions, and a small excerpt from a famous ballet. (Nutcracker, swan lake, sleeping beauty, don quioxte, coppelia, etc.) Beginner friendly ballet class, to learn ballet concepts, ideals, and variations, and some ballet history!
  • Mondays at 3:45pm | Ages 3-5 | Briggs
  • Mondays at 4:45pm | Ages 5-9 | Briggs
  • Tuesdays at 9:30am | Ages 3-5 | Briggs
  • Saturdays at 11:30am  | Ages 3-5 | Plum Street
  • Saturdays at 12:15pm  | Ages 5-9 | Plum Street

Big Baller (Basketball Skills)

  • The camp typically focuses on basic skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense, and is designed for children who are new to the sport or have limited experience playing basketball.
  • Thursdays at 6:30pm | Ages 5 – 10 | Shelton

Bob Ross Painting Style

  • Beginning painting is good for the soul. Come have some fun, make new friends, and learn the basics of Bob Ross style painting.
  • Mondays at 4:30pm | Ages 5 – 10 | Shelton

Broadway Dance

  • High energy dance class, learning Broadway dance moves in an amazingly fun atmosphere. Kids will learn to get comfortable moving their body, exploring the difference dance moves, and gain some skills that be grown!
  • Thursdays at 4:45pm | Ages 5-9 | Briggs

Build A Lego Racing Car

  • Rev up your child’s creativity and engineering skills with our Lego car class! Your child will learn to build and design their own unique vehicles using Lego bricks and other materials.
  • Tuesdays at 4pm | Ages 5 – 10 | Shelton

Combat Arts

  • Welcome to our beginner kickboxing class! Kids will learn the basic movements of kickboxing, safety techniques, and will be in community with other martial arts lovers!
  • Wednesdays at 4pm| Ages 5-9; 10-13 | Briggs
  • Tuesdays at 4pm| Ages 5-9; 10-13 | Briggs


  • COMMIT Dance Fitness – KIDS Edition will incorporate dance fitness into your kid’s everyday movement. We will focus on cardio, strength, and stretching but most importantly FUN! Kids may learn self-confidence, build friendships, and strengthen their bodies by improved balance and coordination. They will have the freedom to express themselves and show their creativity as we move & groove to popular kid friendly music!
  • Wednesdays at 4pm | Ages 5-9 | Briggs
  • Tuesdays at 4:15pm | Ages 5-9 | Shelton

Creativity Club

  • Enjoy fun and diverse activities while letting your creative imagination go wild! This month, we’ll be making Earth Themed puppets!
  • Wednesdays at 4pm | Ages 5-9 | Briggs

Explore Dance

  • In this program, kids will be introduced to basic dance concepts and will get used to being in a classroom setting learning how to move and wiggle their bodies! Emphasis will be on fun and getting some energy out!
  • Thursdays at 4pm | Ages 3-5 | Briggs
  • Fridays at 4pm | Ages 3-5 | Briggs

Family Pollinator Gardening Series

  • For families who are interested in learning what it means to plant a pollinator garden and learn step by step instructions for planning your garden, germinating your seeds, and actually putting plants in the ground- this is for you! Kids as little as 3 years old may participate with their parent or guardian.  Parents must be present and engaged in the activities with their kids.
  • Sundays at 12:30pm | Ages 3+ | Briggs

Floor Hockey 101

  • Learn the fundamentals and basics of hockey. Will always finish with a real hockey game.
  • Tuesdays at 5:30pm | Ages 5 – 10 | Shelton

Garden Crafters

  • In this program, we will be learning how to upcycle different bottles, egg cartons, and other things that will be able to be used in our community garden! For the littles, we will be doing rock painting and other ways to engage our young ones in the garden creation!
  • Mondays at 11am | Ages 3-5 | Briggs

Hip Hop Dance

  • This is an intro to hip hop dance where kids will learn to move and feel comfortable in their bodies!
  • Saturdays at 11:15am | Ages 5-9 | Briggs

Homeschool PE

  • Learn a new sport or play a fun active game. This catered to our homeschool community, but we invite all who are available to come join and build new relationships!
  • Tuesday at 1:30pm | Ages 5-13 | Shelton
  • Thursday at 1:30pm| Ages 5-13 | Shelton


  • This is a very basic, introductory access to point to the many varieties of jujutsu. Here, we will basic movements, warm ups, and techniques. We hope to have fun, build relationships, make friendships, and most importantly- get kids started with a program that can build confidence, skills, and mobility.
  • Saturdays at 9am | Ages 5-9 | Briggs
  • Mondays at 4pm | Ages 10-13 | Briggs

Little Picasso Camp

  • Little Picasso is a fun class where kids get to learn all about art! We will work on everything from painting to drawing to creative thinking. Each week we will highlight a different art style and different techniques. All experience levels are welcome!
  • Wednesdays at 4:45pm | Ages 3 – 5 | Shelton

Little Sprouts Garden Club

  • This class creates opportunities for kids to play, learn, and grow through gardening. We want every child to experience the unique transformation that occurs when they spend time caring for a garden.
  • Mondays at 4pm | Ages 5 – 10 | Shelton
  • Wednesdays at 4pm | Ages 5 – 10 | Shelton

Music Fundamental Jam Sessions

  • Music jams class is designed to be inclusive and welcoming, so that individuals with varying levels of experience can participate and learn from each other. The class provides a supportive environment where participants can experiment with different styles and genres of music and build their confidence as musicians.
  • Mondays at 6pm | Ages 5 – 10 | Shelton


  • A social sport that combines elements of tennis, ping pong, and badminton—Pickleball is FUN! Grab your paddles and hit the pickleball court!
  • Saturdays at 10am | Ages 5-9 | Briggs

Pre-School Sports

  • Tie up your shoelaces and run on over to have some fun playing soccer-style sports! Energize your brain while developing your motor skills and learning about teamwork.
  • Thursdays at 10am (soccer)| Ages 3-5 | Briggs

Rock Climbing

  • How high can you climb? Our youth climbing class is for the young climbers eager to advance their skills and knowledge of rock climbing. This class covers the basic skills and ideas of both indoor and outdoor climbing. Have fun while you increase strength, endurance, and confidence!
  • Saturdays at 11am | Ages 5-9 | Briggs
  • Fridays at 5pm | Ages 5-9 | Briggs
  • Fridays at 6pm | Ages 10-13 | Briggs

Science Club

  • We will focus on age appropriate and fun science based activities to help kids expand their curiosity and even help with upcoming school projects- science fair anyone??
  • Fridays at 5pm & 6pm | Ages 5-9 | Briggs

Seed Starters

  • In this program, we will be getting our hands dirty and starting to learn about seed starts, and planning for summer gardens!  Yes- we will actually be planting seeds and planning to put them in the ground!
  • Saturdays at 12pm | Ages 5-9 | Briggs

Tabletop Games

  • Come and embark on epic adventures and explore fantasy worlds with our engaging and interactive Table-Top gaming group! The story you will encounter is only limited to your imagination!
  • Fridays at 4pm | Ages 10-13 | Briggs

Toddler Gym

  • Children will have FUN while focusing on age-appropriate activities to enhance motor skills, game play and get creative while playing with other kids in an open gym environment. [Registration and fee not required for Toddler Gym]
  • Tuesdays at 10am | Ages 1-4 | Briggs


  • Tumble on in for high energy fun that teaches basic gymnastic skills in a positive, fun, yet challenging atmosphere!
  • Thursdays at 3:45pm | Ages 3-5 | Briggs
  • Thursdays at 4:45pm | Ages 5-9 (Beginner) | Briggs
  • Tuesdays at 5pm | Ages 5-9 (Intermediate) | Briggs
  • Fridays at 3:45pm | Ages 3-5 | Briggs
  • Fridays at 4:45pm | Ages 5-9 (Beginner) | Briggs
  • Tuesday at 5:15 PM | Ages 5-9 (Intermediate) | Shelton
  • Tuesday at 6:15 PM | Ages 5-9 (Intermediate) | Shelton
  • Thursday at 4:15 PM | Little Tumblers Ages 3 – 5 | Shelton

Youth Lift Lab

  •  Get ready to build strength, confidence, and a healthy body with our youth weightlifting class! Our expert trainers will guide you through safe and effective weightlifting exercises that will help you develop proper technique and form. Whether you’re a beginner or have some lifting experience, we’ll challenge you to push your limits and achieve your goals.
  • Saturdays at 1pm | Ages 8 – 10 | Shelton
  • Saturdays at 2pm | Ages 11- 14 | Shelton

Zen Ninjas

  • Calling all adventurous kids! Are you ready to stretch, move, and breathe your way to a peaceful mind and strong body?Join us and become a Zen master in no time.
  • Mondays at 6:30pm | Ages 5 – 10 | Shelton